Trolls Headbands

Princess WandPlay Date (2)

Our group has a Trolls movie play date coming up, so getting in the Trolls spirit we made head bands. They were super cute and fun to do, even our non crafty mamas and some of our kiddos could do it!!!


Here’s house we made them:

I took tulle that was on a spool (omg that rhymes) and cut 15 inch strips for the “hair”


I cut about 20 to 25 pieces of tulle, depending on how full you want the hair to be.


Then I started attaching it to the headband just like you would do a tulle tutu.


I continued adding tulle until it looked full enough.


Then I tied a half inch by 8 and a half in piece of felt around the hair, you could hot glue it together too.


Then it was time to decorate, I did this one pretty late at night so my simple flower was what I was able to come up with.

The moms and kids had a blast doing this craft, I cannot wait until our Trolls movie play date!!


This was one of our mom’s 7 year old who was given the instructions and made one for him and his younger brother, it was so cute to watch him focus on doing the craft.



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