Cookie Decorating Play Date

Princess WandPlay Date (5)

Who doesn’t love a cookie?!?!?!  What’s more delicious for most (not me) is a thickly frosted cookie like the loft house ones. Let take a quick peek at what those loft house cookies look like.


I’ll admit, I really like the cookie part and scrap off the icing straight into the sink!! Hey don’t judge it is a lot less calories, hence less guilt of eating more than one!!! Because we all know you can’t just eat one of these delicious cookies. Now on to our play date!!!  I found a recipe online to make copy cat loft house cookies, and while they didn’t look exactly like them, they tasted pretty damn good. This is the Lofthouse copy cat recipe I used. I stayed pretty true to the recipe and varied a little with the icing by adding less sugar and maybe a little more cream, I wasn’t measuring them!!  Opps.


Those are mine, and while they didn’t turn out smooth like loft house cookies, they were soft and tasty. I think maybe I should have smooshed them down a little to make them smooth on the top, I will admit I didn’t read the directions for that part, I just scooped them out and plopped them on the tray.


I made the frosting the morning of, right before our play date, I did not add any dyes or coloring to the frosting, because that was just one more step and I knew the kids wouldn’t care about the color of the frosting, they were excited to eat the cookies!!!


After playing for a while, they got to decorate and eat their cookies, and everyone enjoyed them, so I would say that recipe was a success and one that I will use again for my sugar cookies, I loved that they were soft and cake like.


My little Lily loved her cookie!!!  Her older brother got an uniced one in his lunch box and said it was yummy!!!!

Hope you enjoy doing a play date like this, it is super simple, but so much fun for the kids!!!!



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