Princess WandPlay Date (3)

My daughter LOVES music class, more on that later, but one of her favorite things in music class is maracas!!!  So with our left over Easter eggs, we decided to make some. They are super easy to make and are done with probably stuff you have lying around the house.


Here’s what you need:

*Easter eggs
*Plastic spoons
*Washi Tape or I used blue painters tape because that’s what I had lying around
*Beans, lentils, or rice

So if you use rice make sure your eggs either do not have holes or you cover those holes up, trust me on this, yes the rice will make it through those holes and hit you all over. And you wonder what the heck is flying around my house, yup it was the rice. OOPPSS!!


First we are going to fill one side of the egg with your choice of rice, beans, or lentils, really anything that will make noise inside the egg that is pretty light.


Then close up the egg and get your spoons, you will place a spoon on either side of the egg and then….


Tape it up using cute washi tape, or if you are like me looking around your house blue painters tape. Crafts don’t always have to be cute in our eyes, the kids will have a blast.  I taped up the spoons too so that my little one wouldn’t try to tear the spoons apart and send the rice flying everywhere.

She loves to shake her maracas!!!!!  Her 6 year old brother loves them too!!!  They are excited to use them this summer!!




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