Super Hero Play Date

Princess WandPlay Date (4)

This is a play date I have done in the past and it was requested to do again!!!  I didn’t have my pattern anymore so I found one on this blog, cardiclips, it’s super easy and NO SEW, which for me and my busy life was super awesome!!! My other ones were no sew as well, just a little bit of a different shape.

Here’s how my night before the play date went!!!! I was under around 4 yards of felt furiously cutting them into SUPERhero capes for our little superheros.


My group is so lucky I love to craft, I always think why do I do this to myself and then I remember I do not do it to myself, I do it for him!!! God gave me a gift to share and share I do.

I used the measurements in the pattern by Cardi Clips, as a rough guide for my capes, I did not actually cut out the pattern or measure precisely. I knew that really it didn’t matter if they were exact the kids were going to love them and use them no matter what.



So that’s what they came out looking like after cutting for a couple hours!!!  It was dark so my pictures of this cape aren’t super great, but do not fret, I put one together in the daylight!!!

So here are the supplies you need to decorate your capes:

  • Felt sheets in different colors, or use your scrap felt from cutting out the capes
  • Hot Glue
  • Stencils of lighting bolts or what ever you would like your design to be, you can find those on Google
  • Fabric paint, my fabric paint had glitter in it and was a 3d paint 🙂
  • Velcro, to hold the cape together

So once we gathered all the supplies we were ready to get our crafty mama side on!!!


Here I have everything cut out and ready to make my sons cape.


First I hot glued the lighting bolt to the black circle, I did not use a template for the lighting bolt or the circle that was all free handed magic. Once I had the lighting bolt on the black circle, I hot glued that down to the cape.

Next you gotta be able to close the cape as you are soaring through the house, so hot glue some velcro on to the cape, like the pictures above!! Then you are ready to use your cape or you can further the magic by some fabric paint.

SUPER Jace is ready for flying and saving the day!!! They love to play with these capes, and they will last for a few years!!!


4 thoughts on “Super Hero Play Date

  1. Jannah says:

    Awesome job super mom!! I love the lightning bolt design and the fabric paint for custom text is a great idea! I bet the kids were excited to get one of those 🙂


    • amomandhermomtourage says:

      Thanks, my son was super happy, I am working on a Minnie Mouse on for my daughter!!! Thank you for your template, it was so easy, so much easier than the one I have used before, I love how it used up all the yard of felt!!!


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