Father’s Day Canvas

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So as I was trying to figure out a good gift for Father’s day this year, I wanted to do something a little different than your typical tie or #1 Dad mug. It came to me after we did our canvas quote play date, do hand prints with a quote. And if your kids are anything like mine they love to a) paint and b) do hand prints on things!!!  So let’s grab our supplies and get started!!!

  • 12 x 12 canvas (or any size you like)
  • White paint
  • paint in colors that your child picks out for their hand prints.
  • Paint pen, Sharpie, Black Paint, or Vinyl (which ever is easiest for you to do the quote)


So once we have gathered everything, it’s now super easy!!!  Make sure you either have diaper wipes or something to wipe your kiddos hands off after they do their hand print, it makes the job of washing the hands off a little easier and you don’t have to worry about paint hand prints on your wall.


Ok this step seems ridiculous because you are painting the canvas white, but trust me it gives a more finished look at the end, so go ahead and paint the ENTIRE canvas white.


Once you have your canvas painted white, now it is time to put those adorable hands on it. I chose to do the corners, you can do them where ever depending on how many kiddos you have.


Lily did her hands and then we waited for it to dry.


I used vinyl, because I have my own vinyl cutter and it was the easiest for me, but if you do not own a vinyl cutter do the words in sharpie or black paint. If you want your kids to write out the message write it in pencil first then you can go over their marks to give it a finished look.

My kids are excited to give this to Daddy on Father’s day!!!


8 thoughts on “Father’s Day Canvas

  1. Jenni Petrey says:

    This is just beautiful. When out first child arrived, my husband and I decided that for Mothers and Fathers Day we would make hand made gifts. We have loads of different canvas’ around our house. Both my children still love painting canvas’ for the grandparents for their birthdays!


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