Easy 4th of July shirt

Princess WandPlay Date (1).png

Who doesn’t love a fun and easy craft!!!  I have done this craft a few times for different holidays and each time it turns out SUPER cute.

So let’s gather our supplies:

  • T shirt
  • Freezer Paper (trust me here)
  • Fabric Paint
  • Q-Tips
  • A sheet of paper
  • Iron


Once we have all our supplies together it is time to start!!!  So you are going to cut a shape out of the freezer paper, I chose a star and yes I used my Silhouette, because seriously it is a crafty girls best friend. You can cut the star out with scissors it will look just as good.

Once you have your Star cut out of your freezer paper, place the shiny side down and iron it on to the shirt. I can hear you freaking out over there, you won’t burn the paper. I use the cotton setting, and no you won’t ruin your iron!!!  I promise trust me here!!


There you go, you got your star stuck down to your shirt, the shiny backing on the freezer paper acts as temporary adhesive for your pattern, you gotta trust me here. Once you have it stuck down really well, iron it on for a good thirty seconds, check it and make sure there is not loose edges. Before you start painting PLEASE for the love of crafts put a piece of paper in between the front and back of your shirt, PLEASE do this step!! If you don’t you will be sad!!!


You are ready to paint, I have found Q-tips are the easiest and cheapest things to use. They give you a perfect little dot on the shirts. So rock on with your bad self and start dotting around the star!!!


Keep going until you are satisfied with your designs!!! I used four colors here, white, red, blue, and silver glitter (which gave it an amazing pop) I kept going until I was like woah too much. Once you are at that point let it dry for a few minutes to where the paint is no longer wet to the touch.


Peal off the freezer paper and this is what you are left with!!! AMAZINGNESS!!! I know, you can pat yourself on the back for getting down with your craft bad self!!!


Now this is why you put that paper inside your shirt, if you didn’t all those little dots would have bled through to the back of the shirt and you would be a very sad crafter.


Now all you have to do is stand back and admire. You can wash these just like anything else. I can’t wait to put my daughter in this shirt, I have been making her wait. My son is going to make one soon, because let’s face it when Mommy hosts a crafty play date my children never get to actually do the craft.

Happy Crafting!!!


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