4th of July Fireworks Wand

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Whether you have a small town parade to go to or just want some safe fun with the kids this firework wand craft is super easy and fun to make, and I know the kids will have fun waving them around on the fourth of July!!!

So let’s gather our supplies:

  • Dowels (you can get these from the craft store)
  • Red or Blue paint (this step isn’t necessary, but makes it look more finished)
  • Brushes
  • Different patriotic ribbons
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Foam Stars or other patriotic toppers.

Firework Wand Craft 1

That’s a mess of ribbon I know!!!  I got some that were in the fourth of July section and some that were in the regular ribbon section at Michael’s. Once you have everything let’s get to crafting!!!

Wooden Dowel

First we are going to paint a wooden dowel, red, blue or you could totally skip this step.

Red dowel

I just did one coat of red paint, it doesn’t completely come out really red, but it looks nice.

glue gun and ribbon

Then I cut my ribbons and plugged in my hot glue gun, I cut the ribbon to about 6 inches. Once everything was cut I started attaching the ribbons to one end of the dowel with my hot glue.

firework wand ribbon

I put on as many ribbons and I felt it needed. Once I was satisfied with the way it shimmy and shook I got my foam stars out.

Foam Stars

I found these stars last year and I used the white ones for a wreath I made out of felt squares and now have a perfect use for the rest of them!!!

firework wands final

I hot glued the star to the top of my dowel to help cover the top of the ribbon, I did put my star down to make the dowel go up in to the foam. And there you go, you are ready for the 4th of July fun!!!!


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