Mermaid Tail Craft

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Ok, I am a little excited about this craft, because well who doesn’t love Mermaids?!?!?!?!  I am going to be post a few different ideas for some Mermaid or under the sea kind of craft ideas. Exciting I know.

So let’s gather our supplies!!!

You will need:

  • Construction Paper
  • Paper plates (can be the cheap flimsy ones)
  • Bingo Stampers, Paint, or even markers, use what you have handy.
  • Glue

First thing we are going to use is the paper plate, this is going to be our mermaid tail. You can go about it 2 ways, decorate the entire back of the plate first or cut out the tail first then decorate. I chose the latter, it just depends on your kids skill set and how much of a mess you would like to be cleaning up.


I used the bingo markers to decorate my tail, I love the way there are circles and they bleed into each other kind of making the appearance of scales. Having said that, it’s your mermaid tail, make it look how ever you want.

If you didn’t cut out your tail first you will need to cut them out now. I did a triangle shape with a curved edge. I was channeling my inner mermaid.


No let’s get that construction paper, use what ever color you would like your fin to be, today it was a green fin for me. I took my paper and folded it in half and cut out a fin shape.


Once the fin was cut out, it was time to glue it to the tail. Just a dab will do you, do they still use that saying in school?


And there you go a cute little mermaid tail!!!!!  I put it on a blue piece of construction paper to look like it was in the water, you can take it a step further with older kids and have them draw a body to put the tail on, But my kiddo that was helping me with the craft is 3 so a little young for that step.



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