Solar Eclipse Craft

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Sunday before the solar eclipse Jace and I did a quick fun craft and talked about what an eclipse means. I know he won’t be going outside during the eclipse and so this cute and quick craft was perfect to show him exactly what happens.

Let’s gather our supplies

  • White Cardstock
  • Black and Yellow construction paper
  • a dowel or tongue depressor
  • Glue
  • Crayons

See told you easy!!!


I gave Jace the white cardstock and told him that we would be gluing a sun to it, so be as creative as he wanted on the white cardstock and he went to town!!!!


So while he was coloring his scene, I cut out the sun and the moon from the yellow and black construction paper. It’s super easy cut a circle that are the same size and will fit on to your scene.


Jace continued to create his scene adding more and more drawings to his paper, he doesn’t understand that Mommy is trying to take pictures with the right sun light to make them look good.


But never the less I let him create his masterpiece. While he was finishing up his masterpiece I created the moving moon!!!


I hot glued, because that was something I knew would dry quickly the dowel to the black moon. It was done in a snap!!!  And then I waited some more for Jace to continue to finish that perfect masterpiece he was working on. He told me EVERYTHING about it, why he drew things and why he used the colors he did, needless to say he was super proud of him, and I was too!!

DSCN2000_editedHe has a house, a tree and a person in the picture!!!  He was excited to talk about it.

Once he had explained everything to me I told him that we were now going to glue the sun to the paper, and again hot glue because it was fast and easy.


There’s my sun it her shining glory, yes she does cover up a good portion of his drawing, but he was fine with that. Next I made a small slit under the middle of the sun.


This is so that I can put my dowel through the paper and the moon can make it’s way through the sky and cover up the sun just like and eclipse would.

There goes the sun, shadowed by the moon!!!  Jace was super proud of this quick and easy craft he ran and showed Daddy what we had made. I hope that you are able to do this with your little ones too!!!



12 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse Craft

  1. mjndiaye says:

    Very cute! Maybe we’ll make time tomorrow before dinner to do this. I didn’t get to do any eclipse centered activities with the kids since I had to work today. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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