Fall Puzzle Craft

Fall Puzzle Craft by A Mom and her Momtourage

So the fall season is upon us or almost upon us here in Arizona, it is still MEGA hot!!! The cooler weather will come soon, I hope. To get us in the fall season swing I made up some cute little puzzles to do we are starting with a fall one, because well we need some help here, since it is so hot. I haven’t even put up my fall décor yet!!!! What’s wrong with me!??!  It’s that hot!!!  This easy little craft has started to get us in the fall mood.

Fall Puzzle Craft

All you need to do is print out the worksheet below, have some crayons on hand and some scissors.

Fall Puzzle Worksheet

Here is what the blank worksheet looks like

Fall Puzzle Template

Let your kiddos color away on the designs and if they are big enough let them cut out the rectangles that make out the puzzle, if they aren’t then cut them out yourself. Mix all the rectangles up and then have them put the puzzle together!!! It’s that simple!!!  I know it’s super easy, even non crafters can do this!!!!  I hope you enjoy this cute puzzle, I will have others coming out to go with different seasons through out the rest of the year, so if you really love this idea make sure and like this blog post so I know to keep them up. I also have some other fun and easy worksheets in the works!!!

This worksheet is so fun to color and play with, even my 3 year old loves to cut them, although she doesn’t follow the lines, she still has a blast and has mommy’s puzzle to play with.


Let me know your favorite thing about fall!!!  I love to live vicariously through those who actually get fall!!!





7 thoughts on “Fall Puzzle Craft

  1. Joslynn Wassing says:

    This is such a cute idea! Both fun and gets the brain working!
    Fall has to be my favourite season – we love to go apple and pumpkin picking – but i think i love the cool crisp air the most!

    Liked by 1 person

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