Pumpkin Painting

Pumpkin Painting

We had a half day on Friday, which means I need to be able to keep Jace, my first grader, entertained all afternoon, since it meant he got out at 1:15pm. I had a couple Target Dollar Spot items, but our main craft for the afternoon was painting some tiny pumpkins I picked up from Fry’s, our local grocery store. Both of my kids were excited to be able to paint them, Lily kept asking all morning if it was time to go get Jacey so they could paint pumpkins. She raced to go pick him up when it was time, it was super cute!!!!

When we got home we got straight to painting our pumpkins, The kids got to pick out what colors of acrylic paint they wanted to use. And were able to paint their little hearts out. Side note, I should have put some plastic down, silly Mom thought paper plates would be good enough. They were not, but luckily I was able to get the paint of the table, so my advice to you is if you are doing this with littler ones put something down to protect your table!!!!

Pumpkin Painting

So as you can see in the picture we had the following supplies:

  • Paint
  • Brushes
  • Small Pumpkins
  • Paper plates

This is super easy, you could even use some sharpies, but those are weapons of mass destruction in my house. I swear I put them away or throw them away and they keep finding their way into tiny hands!!!!

I let them go to town, and yes Lily painted her pumpkin orange. It’s ok, it’s her pumpkin and she can be as creative as she would like!!!

This pumpkin painting activity kept them busy for about 30 minutes, which was a win for this mom!!!

They were both extremely proud of themselves when they were done. They are excited to start decorating for Halloween and the Fall season.

This is such an easy throw together craft that would be simple to do at any play date or on an afternoon where you just need to fill up some time so you don’t get the dreaded “I’m bored” from your kids. If they are a little more advance, try a bigger pumpkin and paint a scene or a face on it.


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