Mommin’ Friday

I am going to try something fun and different here. I am teaming up with some blogging friends to show off their blogs and get them some love too!!!  Sometimes in the blogging world you never know if you are truly making an impact on someone’s life, or helping them out with a recipe, craft, or just knowing that we all go through the same things. I love reading new blog posts from many different bloggers and here are some of the posts that I really want to share with you!!!  So go show them some love and read there blogs!!!

This week’s Mommin’ Friday will feature 8 different blog posts about mom life, from before birth to how to make a little extra cash. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did.

This Mom Blogs

First up we have Laura from This Mom Blogs, she has put together and amazing checklist for what to bring to the hospital when you are ready to have that darling kiddo. She has some amazing tips and ideas that you might not have thought about. Check out her post here,  Ultimate Hospital Checklist.

Calm Mom

Calm Mom has a great insight on what it takes to get yourself back after postpartum. It isn’t always easy to get back to a normal after having a baby, and some days you feel like you never will. Check out Calm Mom’s post about postpartum and how she got herself back slowly.


Ryan, from The Blessed Mess Blog has written a great post about her experience with sleep training. I know as a mom sleep is something we all can struggle with our littles. My daughter, Lily, who is 3 is finally starting to get to a “normal” bed time. She is our second and with my Husband having a job that traveled a lot I was just a tired mama and didn’t do so good with sleep training her. I enjoyed reading Ryan’s post about her struggles and wins of sleep training, I hope you find some good tips from her post, Sleep Training.


Chelsea, over at Ur Basic Mom has a great and touching post about her first year of Motherhood. I am 100% sure we can all relate to her post, that first year is filled with so many up and downs and twists and turns. I love hearing how other moms experienced their first year of mommin’. I always find myself learning something from them. So go check out her First Year of Mommyhood.

Ayrn from With Cream and Sugar

Aryn, at With Cream and Sugar, writes about finding someone or a group other than your own mom to help you with every day mom things. From freak outs to rejoicing successes, every mom should have a group of other moms they can rely on. To give them sound advice, be a shoulder to cry on, help us remember that this is just a phase, and to be there with a glass of wine in hand on those really tough days. Check out her post I FOUND SOMEONE TO HELP ME PARENT…BESIDES MY MOM!


Roxanne, over at The Whatever Mom, has a great post about getting a cleaning lady, and don’t be like psssh what ever. She has very valid points on why you need a cleaning lady. We aren’t lazy or don’t want to do it, it just takes more time away from our families. I think it is a great idea to get someone in to clean those places that you don’t want to clean or just would rather do something else with your time, like fold laundry. hahaha, we know that is a never ending chore!!!  Go check her blog post out, 4 Reasons you need a cleaning lady.


Erin, over at Debt and Sweat can help you raise a little extra money to help pay for that cleaning lady, by selling on craiglist. She has some really good tips on how to find things to sell and how to list them to make the maximum you can on the item. I know we can all use a little extra money around Christmas time and really whenever to do some fun things that maybe we usually would not be able to do. So go get some ideas from Erin, on flipping furniture on craigslist.

Now of course I have a blog post in this Mommin’ Friday, and it is about little ways to make sure your little ones know they are loved. I polled my social media accounts and man you guys have some amazing ideas on how you make sure your kids feel the love every day!!!  Check them out here, and add some of yours in the comments.

So do you like this round up style blog post?  If so leave a comment so I know you would like to see more of these. Also what would you like to see.


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